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Backed with vast experience, we have emerged as the major Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Mica from Kutch, Gujarat. The super-fine quality of the Mica is doled out quality assured to the clients based in various parts of the world. The Mica can be availed in durable packaging of the requisite quantity at the best market rates.

More About Mica :
Mica is the name given to a group of minerals of related composition and similar physical properties, most notably perfect basal cleavage, which means they can be split readily in one plane into a great number of thin, tough laminates. Mica is invaluable in the electrical industry because of its unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength. Nowadays mica is finding increasing use in equipment that encounters very high temperatures like rockets, missiles and jet engine ignition system. It is reported that in the manufacture of Telestar transmission satellites by the USA,
Good use of mica has been made. A group of minerals having perfect basal cleavage and capable of splitting into thin laminae is called mica. Chemically they contain complex silicate of aluminium and alkalies with hydroxyl. They crystallize in monoclinic system. Some varieties may contain iron, magnesium, lithium and rearely fluorine, barium, manganese and vandium.

  • There are seven important mica minerals:
  • Muscovite or potassium mica H2KAl3(SiO4)3
  • Paragonite or sodium mica H2NaAl3(SiO4)3
  • Lepidolite or lithium mica K Li Al(OH, F)2Al(SiO4)3
  • Phlogopite or magnesium mica H2KMg3Al(SiO4)3
  • Biotite or magnesium iron mica (H2K)(Mg, Fe)3Al(SiO4)3
  • Zinnwaldite or lithium iron mica Li2K2Fe2Al4Si7O24
  • Lepidomelane or iron mica (H, K)2(Fe, Al)4(SiO4)5


Muscovite is the commonest of all and whenever the word mica is used it is understood to mean muscovite.


Other names of Mica are Cat-gold, Cat-silver, Glimmer, Glist, Katen-silber, Katzen-silber, Katzengold or des chats Rhomboidal Mica


Applications :

  • Electricals & Electronics Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Rubber Goods
  • Lubricants
  • Roofing Goods
  • Wall papers
  • Chimneys etc.